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NFT20 Fungal Treatment

Finally, a safe and effective topical treatment for nail fungus!

✓ * PROVEN! Cures thick, yellow or darkened nails
✓ * SAFE! Natural proven ingredients
✓ * EFFECTIVE! Best topical treatment on the market!
✓ * Easy topical application without side effects
✓ * Formulated by a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Many physicians are opposed to selling or recommending products to their patients out of fear of being perceived as doing so strictly for profit. New trends suggest that by offering in house solutions, the practice is perceived as providing higher level of care to their clients.

NFT-20 strictly adheres to its promise to only sell to qualified medical professionals meaning your patients must come to you for dispensation.  With NFT-20, you are providing them with a higher performance, result driven product exclusively available through your practice. No trip to the pharmacy. No uninformed/uneducated guess as to which product works best. No hassles. No worries.

In addition to the convenience of in office purchasing, NFT-20 is competitively priced. Your patients end up paying the same amount or less than they would for inferior products, less effective products. With NFT-20, you are able to provide your patients with the best antifungal product on the market at competitive prices while generating supplementary income for the practice. Your added service will facilitate a more loyal client and, by having your office listed on our NFT-20 website as a preferred provider, will enjoy a secondary marketing venue to recruit new clients.

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