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who can benefit from selling Regenepure?

We are currently seeking select physicians and hair care specialists to join our distribution network. A variety of physicians, including dermatologists, transplant and hair specialists, have successfully incorporated the Regenepure® family of products in their treatment regimens and rely upon them for their nourishing as well as restorative ingredients. The products are particularly effective in preparation for hair transplant surgery. The ingredients present in our products have noticeably decreased swelling in a postoperative setting. Hair feels fuller and the scalp healthier, even after only one use. More optimal results occur after repeated usage. Regenepure® NT and Regenepure® DR are scientifically formulated with the finest ingredients making them an excellent foundation for any hair and scalp health regimen. Inquire now on how to become a Regenepure® distributor in your area.

Salonceuticals is actively recruiting discriminating Aesthetic Centers, Salons and Spas to become a distributor of the Regenepure® line of products. We offer sophisticated, world-class shampoos that are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and none of the components that damage or dull hair. Regenepure products are sulfate and paraben-free, making our brand one of the safest products on the market for hair that’s been Keratin, color or chemically treated. Regenepure® DR provides intensive, topical skin care for the scalp, while leaving hair feeling clean and stimulated. Regenepure DR also helps reduce scalp itching, irritation, flakes and other aggravating hair conditions. To supplement your product lines with Regenepure®, inquire now and our Salon Distribution Team will contact you immediately.

High-End Boutiques and Retail Centers are invited to offer the most effective haircare line available.The Regenepure® line of products are formulated with superior ingredients and offer the finest hair cleansing experience. Our products are recommended and used by high-end salons, physicians and successful professionals, making them appealing to your sophisticated clientele and profitable to you. Inquire now on howto become a Regenepure® distributor.

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